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The future is human

In 2020, skeyes kept on hiring in order to continue to carry out its mission and prepare for recovery.



new employees were hired to strengthen skeyes in 2020



new air traffic controllers completed their two-year training and joined the operational teams



candidates sat the FEAST 1, the first test of the air traffic controller recruitment exam in 2020. They were welcomed with exceptional measures due to the health crisis



air traffic controller candidates started their training following the 2020 recruitment exam



employees at skeyes as at 31 December 2020


skeyes’ human resources policy places an emphasis on establishing a genuine win-win relationship between the company and its employees. This constructive relationship is one of the focuses of the company’s “Partner with our People” strategy.

This policy is based, among other things, on the involvement of staff in the company’s strategy, the strengthening of skills and concern for the well-being of employees both within the company and within their families, and their extra-professional environment. This approach has been very useful in this time of health crisis, when isolation and organisational problems may have affected employee morale.

Employee Assistance Program

This support service was launched in June 2020 and aims to offer psychological, emotional, practical and mental support to employees and their family members.


employees registered for a free health check-up organised in the workplace for those aged over 45.


employees are involved in the Senior Potential Programme. A management training programme that opens up prospects for development within skeyes.


employees registered for free language courses delivered as from January 2021.


Pandemic control

From the start of the health crisis in March 2020, skeyes immediately took the appropriate measures to protect its staff and the crucial mission it fulfils every day: ensuring the safety of air traffic. The continuation of this mission has enabled the transportation of medical equipment such as masks, hand sanitisers and vaccines.

Internal communication was also essential in the fight against the pandemic.


special communications were disseminated on all communication media to inform staff about good practices to protect themselves from the virus, the measures in effect within the company and the evolution of the situation.

A special section has been created on our intranet portal to gather all the information resources concerning the struggle against the health crisis: advice on how to organise yourself in teleworking, the wearing of masks, washing and disinfecting your hands, managing your stress, what to eat to boost your immunity, information on vaccination, etc.

All these measures taken since the start of the crisis have enabled skeyes to be prepared and to ensure the full continuity of its mission.

Building the future together

The aviation world is a chain whose links must be perfectly connected to deliver maximum safety and efficiency. This interconnection is even more important today to build a new future after the unprecedented crisis that has hit our sector hard.

skeyes remains attentive to its customers, their needs and their expertise and has taken several initiatives to consult all airports according to specific protocols.

Regular meetings and workshops are being organised - Steerco/Business review meetings - to discuss recurring topics such as customer satisfaction, safety issues, work planning, review of technical and operational issues, projects, commercial discussions and demand management.

These issues are monitored by the skeyes Customer Affairs service via a specific platform.



growth in freight transport at Liege Airport, which has been designated as the main medical equipment hub for Europe by the World Health Organization (WHO).


1.1 million tons

of goods were handled at Liege Airport in 2020.

vaccins anti-covid

10 millions

COVID vaccine doses were exported via Brussels Airport.

masques chirurgicaux


surgical masks were distributed to skeyes staff as from April 2020.

masques chirurgicaux


FFP2 masks were provided to skeyes’ operational departments, which have to work on site.

masques chirurgicaux


sustainable and reusable masks were sent to employees.

masques chirurgicaux

2,230 litres

of hand sanitisers were used via 70 totem dispensers placed in strategic locations in all the company’s buildings.



plexi screens were installed in offices to further reduce the risk of virus transmission in the workplace.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

skeyes believes that the future we are building must be based on solid foundations. It must be sustainable. For this reason, skeyes pays particular attention to its social and environmental responsibility. This is the case in its operations with numerous initiatives such as Collaborative Environmental Management, green landings or cooperation with the Defence for the flexible use of airspace, but this concern for efficiency also concerns skeyes’ internal operations. It aims to be one of the best air navigation service providers in Europe in terms of sustainability by 2025.

skeyes is committed to continuously providing the safest and most efficient services while integrating sustainability into daily activities, increasing employee involvement and encouraging the sharing of these values with our stakeholders and the community as a whole.

responsabilite sociale


pillars underpin skeyes’ CSR strategy: Sustainable, Engaged and Shared



of the skeyes vehicle fleet will consist of electric, hybrid or CNG vehicles by 2025.


7.050 kg

of fruit were distributed to staff in 2020 in baskets in the kitchenettes.



e-bikes are available for on-site travel to reduce the use of cars.

CSR week


From 21 to 25 September 2020, the CSR Week was held, dedicated to all sustainability-related activities. Webinars to inform staff about the CSR programme were organised around the themes of green mobility with TomorrowLab, diversity with expert Hanan Challouki and climate with Alain Hubert, founding president of the International Polar Foundation to which skeyes donated radio communication equipment.

Circular economy


In 2020, skeyes donated decommissioned IT equipment in perfect working order to the Close the Gap association, which aims to reduce the digital divide between industrialised countries and developing and emerging countries.