A new name

To celebrate its 20TH anniversary, the company has gifted itself a new name. skeyes reflects its new identity, embodying the core elements of safety, humanity and technological evolution. skeyes’ eyes are firmly focused on the safety of air traffic and airspace users, on its employees and on the future.

date 20.11.1946

creation of the Belgian Airways Authority (Regie der Luchtwegen/Régie des Voies Aériennes

date 02.10.1998

creation of Belgocontrol

date 07.11.2018

creation of skeyes

For several years, the autonomous public company has been pursuing an extensive process of transformation and implementing its new strategic focus. The priorities – then and now – are not only safety, but also a healthy financial position, a focus on customers, service continuity, technological change, well-being at work, social responsibility and sustainable development.

skeyes – nice to guide you reflects this new corporate culture and identity: the new name combines a feeling of safety – a partner that sees (and anticipates) everything – with a human touch. skeyes’ all-seeing eyes inspire confidence: they are focused on our company’s most important activity, namely the safety of the airspace and its users. Our eyes are also focused on the needs of our customers and partners as well as on future developments in the aviation sector.

2018 was a very special year for skeyes: on 7 and 8 November, the company celebrated its 20TH anniversary. It took advantage of this unique opportunity to mark the occasion by revealing its new name and identity to employees as well as its main customers and partners.