An innovator

Whether in the area of digital control towers or drones, skeyes has its eyes fixed on the future. The company is a leader in the air traffic management of drones. As a member of the European U-space Demonstrators Network, skeyes is playing an active role in numerous major projects. skeyes has also developed a digital platform for users of drones in Belgium.

1. Drones


Thanks to skeyes, drone pilots in Belgium have access to a practical tool for safe and effective flying. The app, launched in 2018 by skeyes, enables users to quickly and easily see where and under which conditions they can fly drones in Belgium. also provides an additional layer of safety by indicating to the pilot whether there are other drones active nearby that require attention.

In the course of 2019, professional drone pilots will be able to use to submit and manage their permit applications to the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA). Development of the “professional” version of started in 2018.

The app is free and available for smartphones (Android and iOS).



The challenge of the SAFIR project is to safely integrate a wide range of drone operations with air traffic, within a complex urban and industrial environment. 13 partners, including skeyes, Amazon Prime Air, Unifly and the Port of Antwerp, launched the ambitious project in 2018. In the course of 2019, the SAFIR consortium will conduct full-scale integration and traffic management testing for drones in Antwerp.

SAFIR was selected by SESAR within the framework of the European Commission’s U-space policy which is aimed at ensuring safe access by drones to airspace.


skeyes is an active partner in the “Helicus Aero Initiative”, launched in 2018. This project is aimed at establishing a reliable, effective, environmentally friendly drone-based system for transporting medical packages between hospitals and their laboratories and pharmacies.

MEDRONA was selected within the context of Smart Mobility Belgium. The project’s partners are Helicus, skeyes, SABCA, Unifly, La Baloise, NSX as well as several hospitals in Antwerp and Hasselt.


DronePort is a campus earmarked for technology companies active in both manned and unmanned aviation. Officially opened in late 2018 in Saint-Trond, the campus is home to start-ups, schools of higher education, universities and centres of expertise that conduct joint research projects, exchange ideas and adopt initiatives to stimulate the drone sector in Belgium. As a leading player in the area, skeyes is present on the DronePort campus, supports the initiative and participates in different activities on the site.

2. Digital control towers


A true technological marvel, digital control towers are revolutionising the world of air traffic control. Thanks to new technologies and ultra-modern cameras, air traffic controllers will be able to manage flight movements in a more optimal manner in these digital centres. The first fully digital towers appeared in Scandinavia a few years ago and an increasing number of projects are being developed in Europe. skeyes sincerely believes in this future technology and launched, following a number of conclusive studies, a wide-ranging project in 2018.

skeyes and the Walloon Airports Company (SOWAER) plan to develop the future digital air traffic control centre for Liège and Charleroi airports. In this way, the two organisations are responding to the growing needs of Wallonia’s airports and are fully supporting them in their development. It will be the first digital control tower in Belgium and a major European-scale project, and will take a few years to complete.